Like Monkeys On A Rock exhibition, curated by Henri Kisielewski, sought to portray different versions of the human condition though documentary and street photography.


The exhibition took place in the summer of 2016 and featured - amongst others - work from Tim Smyth, Jim McFarlane, and World Press Photo Award winner - and legendary street photographer - Neil Libbert.

Tim Smyth's series In your Absence is a haunting and deeply poetic project about the new ways in which we engage and/or share in today's hyper-connected world.

Anthony Dawton, Jim McFarlane and Giuseppe Aquili displayed work from trips to Niger, Gaza and the Syrian refugee camp at Zaatari (taken on behalf of UNICEF and Save the Children). Their work reveals the loss, despair and - amidst the rubble - the hope that coexist in the world's dark places. 



In Buena Onda : New Models in Co-operative Living, Henri Kisielewski documented hitherto abandoned spaces in Madrid which are now flourishing into legitimate cultural hubs where local communities converge and redefine urban living. To exhibit this series at the Averard Hotel, an abandoned Victorian Hotel on the edge of London's Hyde Park, gave particular resonance to the work. 

Individually the displayed images highlight the boundless diversity, widely accepted inequality, and unimaginable absurdity that characterise human life on our planet. Perhaps together they can point to the likeness we bear to each other as monkeys on a rock going round the sun in space.  


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