Wot  R U Lōkin @ ? was as much a photography exhibition as an exhibition about photography, image-making, and technology.

Through a combination of performance, video and stills, the show aimed to offer a new means of decoding our contemporary visual landscape. 

Who says you can't print and frame a screen grab? What does it mean to take a 35mm picture in the age of smartphones ? Why not break through a wall, fix it up, and then project the video of the process on that same wall?


"What is the fate of art in the age of metastasized mechanical reproduction? These are cheap images; they are in fact less than cheap, for each image costs nothing. Post-processing is easy and rampant: beautiful light is added after the fact, depth of field is manipulated, nostalgia is drizzled on in unctuous tints of orange and green. The result is briefly beguiling to the senses but ultimately annoying to the soul, like fake breasts or MSG-rich food." - Teju Cole


Exhibiting artists :

Tim Smyth 

Eliot Felde + Harry Smithson

Henri Kisielewski